Bard vs. ChatGPT: Which AI Chatbot is Better?

Post on November 7, 2023
Bard vs. ChatGPT: Which AI Chatbot is Better?

Bard vs. ChatGPT are two of the most advanced AI chatbots available today. Both chatbots can generate human-quality text, translate languages, and answer questions in an informative way. Yet, the two chatbots differ in some important ways that may determine your selection of one instead of the other.

Bard is developed by Google AI and is trained on a dataset called PaLM 2, which includes text and code from a variety of sources, including scientific papers, math expressions, and source code. By connecting to the internet in real-time, Bard can provide the most up-to-date information.

ChatGPT is developed by OpenAI and trained on a dataset of text and code that was collected before September 2021. This means that ChatGPT’s knowledge is limited to information that was available before that date. ChatGPT does not possess real-time internet browsing capabilities, so its responses may not be as up-to-date as Bard’s.

Is Bard better than ChatGPT?

In this blog post, we will compare and contrast ChatGPT vs Google Bard in more detail, and we will provide recommendations on which chatbot is best suited for different tasks.

Bard vs. ChatGPT: A Quick Look

Both ChatGPT vs Bard use natural language processing (NLP) to generate human-like responses to user prompts and queries.

However, they differ in the models they are trained on and their accessibility. 

Bard learns from a bigger dataset that contains up-to-date information from the internet, whereas ChatGPT learns from a smaller dataset that only covers 2021 and before.

Bard is also available for free in more than 40 languages and over 230 countries and territories, while ChatGPT is only available in 9 languages and 164 countries and territories.

Here is a brief overview of the key differences between Bard vs. ChatGPT. Let’s discuss each of these in more detail in the coming sections.

Language modelPaLM 2GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 (paid subscription)
DevelopersGoogle AIOpenAI
Data sourceContinuously draws information from the internetSources end with 2021 data
Real-time internet connectionYesLimited to paid subscription
Image retrievalYesNo, but can generate AI images (paid subscription)
AvailabilityFree to everyoneLimited user base; paid subscription required
Primary focusResearchWriting tasks

Bard vs. ChatGPT: User Experience

Both AI chatbots offer similar features, such as text formatting, chat history, quick-action buttons, and data sources.

However, Bard has several advantages in terms of user experience:

  • Ease of modification: Bard lets you quickly modify every response by length or tone without needing to enter a new prompt. ChatGPT does not offer this feature.
  • Free web access: Bard lets all users access the internet to search for information, while ChatGPT limits this function to paid subscribers.
  • Reliability: Bard is more reliable than ChatGPT, generating responses faster and with fewer errors.
Bard Modify Response
Bard Modify Response
ChatGPT Modify Response
ChatGPT Modify Response

The Verdict: Bard offers a more professional user experience because it is easier to use, more reliable, and provides more features.

Bard vs. ChatGPT:  Mobile App Voice Chats

ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users on iOS and Android can now converse with ChatGPT using their voice. 

This enhances the user experience but is only available on these platforms and does not work with ChatGPT’s web browser.

ChatGPT’s voice responses are also limited to data before September 2021.

ChatGPT vs Bard Mobile Voice Dialogue

Bard cannot yet converse with you using voice, but it can generate spoken responses. However, the voice does not sound very natural.

Bard Generate Spoken Responses

The Verdict: ChatGPT offers natural-sounding back-and-forth voice communication, while Bard lacks this feature and has a less appealing robotic voice.

Bard vs. ChatGPT: Bard for Research, ChatGPT for Content Marketing

Google Bard is a research assistant that is eager to help you find information. It can’t cite its sources automatically, but it will if you ask.

To get more information or verify Bard’s response, you can also tap the Google icon below any response. Bard will also suggest related search queries, which can assist you in your research.

Bard Google Icon

GPT is a natural language processing tool that is used in many other AI tools, such as Jasper, Writesonic,, and Bing AI.

It learns from a massive dataset of text, and it has a better ability to generate text based on statistical patterns.

Chatting is one of the uses of GPT, but it can also do other things like summarizing text, translating languages, and so on.

ChatGPT Features

I think GPT is more effective than Bard for writing purposes

For instance, when I asked GPT to write a tweet about Eduma, it produced a short tweet that was short, used an emoji, and included a hashtag. This tweet was ready to be shared as-is.

ChatGPT Eduma Tweet

On the other side, Bard only gave me the basic elements of a tweet: a message and hashtags. It was as if Bard wanted me to finish writing the tweet myself.

Bard Eduma Tweet

Both situations could benefit from some fine-tuning, yet this instance highlights the distinct operational approaches of Bard and ChatGPT.

GPT also had an edge over Bard in generating blog ideas, composing long-form articles and business emails, and creating content marketing ideas.

An instance of what I asked Bard vs. ChatGPT to do was create an outline for a blog post regarding “The Best Education WordPress Themes”, GPT created a more detailed outline that included a title, headings, and subheadings.

ChatGPT Blog Post Outline
ChatGPT Blog Post Outline
ChatGPT Blog Post Outline
ChatGPT Blog Post Outline

The Verdict: GPT can make the text for many things, like content marketing, but Bard seems to be for research mostly.

Bard vs. ChatGPT: Conversation Sharing Simplified

Bard vs. ChatGPT both offer conversation-sharing functionality, but Bard’s integration with Google Workspace provides it with a competitive advantage.

Here is the key difference in the conversation-sharing factor:

Bard Can Share Images in Chat, But ChatGPT Can’t

Bard vs. ChatGPT are both large language models with advanced capabilities, but they differ in their ability to share images in chat.

Bard can share images with anyone who has access to the conversation, while ChatGPT cannot. This is because ChatGPT does not yet support sharing conversations with images.

If you need to share an image in a chat with ChatGPT, you can either copy or screenshot the image and paste it into the chat, or you can use a third-party service to share the image

Bard Offers Seamless Google Workspace Integration; ChatGPT Doesn’t

Bard, a Google product, is seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace, including Google Docs and Gmail. This integration enables users to effortlessly export Bard responses to these tools without the need for manual copying and pasting, a feature not offered by ChatGPT.

For example, users can generate an article outline in Bard and then export it to Google Docs to begin drafting immediately. Similarly, users can generate an email draft in Bard and then export it to Gmail to send with a few clicks.

Bard Share Feature

This integration makes Bard a valuable tool for collaboration and productivity. By eliminating the need for manual copying and pasting, Bard saves users time and allows them to focus on their work.

The Verdict: Bard has a competitive advantage over ChatGPT in terms of conversation-sharing functionality.

Bard vs. ChatGPT: Image Retrieval

Bard can search the web for relevant images and display them in its responses, which is a key feature that sets it apart from ChatGPT. You can also click on an image to open the source web page in a new browser tab.

Bard Retrieve Image

ChatGPT can’t access images from the web, but it can produce synthetic images (You need a paid subscription to use this feature.) You can use ChatGPT for activities like creating images for your blog or making logos for your business. Or you can use it for its evident intention.

OpenAI ChatGPT AI Images

The Verdict: To compare Bard vs ChatGPT 4, Bard is better for image search because it can access and display images from the web, while ChatGPT requires a paid subscription to generate synthetic images.

Bard vs. ChatGPT: Image Analysis With Prompts

Bard also allows users to upload images with their own prompts for analysis, such as image captioning. 

Bard Analyze Images

ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users can do the same, but they cannot share conversations with images with others.

ChatGPT Analyze Images

The Verdict: Bard is better for image analysis with prompts, and it’s free.

Bard vs. ChatGPT: Integration

Bard vs. ChatGPT both offer integrations with other apps, but their approaches differ.

Bard uses extensions to retrieve real-time information from Google apps, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hotels, Google Flights, Google Maps, and YouTube. This allows Bard to provide users with more comprehensive and informative responses. 

ChatGPT uses plugins to connect to other apps, including Wolfram and Instacart. This enables ChatGPT to perform a wider range of tasks, such as generating recipes, calculating calories, and creating shopping lists.

However, ChatGPT’s integration with other apps is not as seamless as Bard’s integration with Google apps.

Bard vs. ChatGPT: Which Is Better?

The choice between Bard vs. ChatGPT depends on your specific needs. Bard excels in user experience, faster web searches, and image retrieval, but has a robotic voice and potential reliability issues. ChatGPT is better at generating text and offers collaborative features and various plugins, but it has slower web searches and no image sharing in conversations. Consider your requirements to determine the best option for you.

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