Best Hotel Web Design: 10+ Examples

Post on March 12, 2024
Best Hotel Web Design: 10+ Examples

Have you ever looked at a hotel website and wanted to pack your bags? That’s the power of a great hotel web design!

In this blog post, we’ll show you examples of websites that go beyond stunning visuals. These sites are designed to make booking a breeze, turning website visitors into happy hotel guests.

Of course, user-friendliness is as important as beauty for a website, and a slow-loading or mobile-unfriendly website is not what you want. Luckily, our chosen websites have both great design and functionality for you to build a hotel website quickly.

These websites are designed to be easy to use and navigate, so visitors can quickly find the information they need and book their stay. We’ve even included websites for different types of hotels, so you can find inspiration that fits your property perfectly.

Let’s dive in and see what makes these websites stand out!

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Essential Elements for Your Hotel Web Design

Every hotel website is unique, but some key elements create a winning experience for guests. Here’s what sets your site apart:

  • Compelling Content and Media: Showcase what makes your hotel special. High-quality images and videos, along with clear and engaging text, effectively communicate your value proposition.
  • Intuitive Navigation: Guests should effortlessly find what they need, whether it’s booking a room, exploring amenities, or discovering local events.
  • Strategic Use of White Space: Empty space isn’t wasted space. It visually guides users, prevents clutter, and ensures a clean, uncluttered browsing experience.
  • Multiple Ways to Connect: Offer various contact options, like live chat, chatbots, or texting to provide quick answers to potential guests’ questions.
  • Technical SEO Prowess: Fast loading times, compressed images, search-optimized text, and robust site security all contribute to your website’s ranking and visibility in search engines.
  • Accessibility for All: Ensure your website is inclusive, catering to users with visual, auditory, or other accessibility needs.
  • Responsive Design Across Devices: Your website should seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes and devices, including a mobile-friendly experience.
  • Effortless Booking: Minimize steps in the booking process, allowing guests to reserve their stay quickly and conveniently.

One&Only Cape Town – Best Hotel Web Design

One&Only Cape Town

One&Only Cape Town’s website is a visual feast, showcasing the property’s stunning beachfront location and luxurious accommodations. The homepage features a large hero image of the hotel’s exterior, bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun. Scrolling down reveals more captivating imagery, highlighting the hotel’s infinity pool, chic rooms, and fine-dining restaurants.

This hotel web design is clean and uncluttered, with a focus on high-quality photography and white space. The color palette is sophisticated, reflecting the hotel’s elegant ambiance. The navigation is user-friendly, allowing visitors to easily explore the different sections of the website and learn more about the hotel’s offerings.

Hotel Particulier – Best Hotel Web Design

Hotel Particulier 

Hotel Particulier’s website is a celebration of Parisian elegance. The hotel website design website features a classic French design aesthetic, with a muted color palette and a focus on typography. The website also uses high-quality photos to showcase the hotel’s beautiful interiors and its historic location in the Marais district of Paris. The website is informative but not cluttered, allowing visitors to easily find the information they need about the hotel’s amenities, rates, and booking process.

Austin Motel – Best Hotel Web Design

Austin Motel

The Austin Motel’s website is another best hotel web design that captures the spirit of a quirky, retro roadside motel with a modern twist. Expect playful fonts, vibrant colors, and high-resolution photos that showcase the mid-century architecture, kidney-shaped pool, and stylish rooms. The site makes browsing room options easy, booking your stay, and exploring on-site amenities like the bodega and upcoming swim club details.

Amigo Motor Lodge – Best Hotel Web Design

Amigo Motor Lodge

Forget your standard motel stay! The Amigo Motor Lodge offers a unique experience, reflected in its website’s minimalist design and clean colors. Beyond modern, simple rooms, the property boasts three renovated Airstreams, a hot tub, and even a teepee for booking. It’s among the best motel web design websites.

Le Mirabeau

Le Mirabeau

Le Mirabeau’s website is a luxury hotel website design that reflects the charm of Provence itself. Soft, muted tones and tasteful watercolors set the scene, while the high-resolution photos showcase the picturesque location and the hotel’s sophisticated interiors.

The user-friendly interface allows you to seamlessly navigate through room options and spa treatments, and even explore the surrounding villages.

Esperanza Resort

Esperanza Resort

Esperanza Resort’s website is another recommendation for the best resort web design. A stunning video plays on the homepage, captivating you with panoramic views of the resort’s infinity pools, cascading waterfalls, and pristine beaches. The clean, modern design with white space and bold colors complements the breathtaking visuals.

Booking is made effortless with a clear call-to-action button, while detailed descriptions of the various room categories and amenities ensure you can plan your perfect getaway.

Song Saa Resort

Song Saa Resort

Song Saa Resort’s website exudes a sense of barefoot luxury. High-quality photos showcasing the crystal-clear waters and the resort’s overwater bungalows instantly transport you to paradise.  

The website uses natural textures and calming earth tones, reflecting the resort’s eco-conscious philosophy. A focus on storytelling allows you to discover the rich cultural heritage of Cambodia and the unique experiences offered by the resort.

Donkey Bay Inn

Donkey Bay Inn

Donkey Bay Inn might capture your heart with its boutique hotel website design even before you enter its establishment. The website utilizes a calming light-blue color scheme that evokes feelings of serenity, perfectly complementing the tranquility of a beachfront getaway.  Captivating high-resolution photos showcase the stunning ocean views and the inviting ambiance of the inn’s rooms. Visitors can easily navigate the website to find information on room rates, amenities, and things to do in the surrounding area.


Zoku Hotel

Livezoku’s website embodies the essence of modern, minimalist living. The clean layout and high-resolution photos showcase the sleek, functional design of their micro-apartments.  A muted color scheme with pops of vibrant accent hues reflects the brand’s youthful energy.  Navigation is intuitive, allowing users to explore locations, amenities, and virtual tours with ease.  The booking process is streamlined, making it easy for potential guests to secure their perfect micro-abode.

Nobnocket Inn


Nobnocket Inn’s website is a charming hotel web design. Soft pastel colors and a focus on natural elements like lighthouses and beaches evoke a sense of relaxation. This bed and breakfast website is easy to navigate and provides clear information about the inn’s amenities and offerings.

Colette’s Bed and Breakfast


Colette’s Bed and Breakfast comes with a vibrant mid-century modern style. Bold colors, geometric patterns, and vintage fonts create a unique and eye-catching aesthetic. The website offers a glimpse into the inn’s quirky personality and playful atmosphere.

Building a Hotel Web Design: 3 Options

There are three main options for building a hotel website, depending on your budget and needs:

  • Free hotel web design templates: These are cost-effective for smaller hotels and offer easy customization using pre-designed templates.
  • Integrated hotel management software: This is ideal for larger hotels and provides a comprehensive solution including website design, booking management, and guest data management.
  • Hotel marketing agencies: This is a custom approach for high-end hotels and involves collaboration with specialists to create a website tailored to your brand.

Regardless of the approach, all hotel websites should be responsive, include a clear call to action, and prioritize the user experience. Integrating a booking engine and social media links is also recommended. The best website design for your hotel depends on your specific needs and goals.

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